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Major international emphasis has been placed on environmental protection and preserving the environment. This has become a world-wide problem and it is vitally important for all people, from governments to the “grass-roots” farmers and laborers, to develop a responsible attitude to any projects or businesses in which they are involved to help protect and improve the environment.

We, at Micro High Flyer Finance Ltd (MHFF), a Ugandan based micro-finance limited company, are offering low interest loans (8.8% per annum) to clients that are involved in the responsible development of resources together with the opportunity to access training and advice in various alternative methods of agriculture, farming of “new” products and associated activities.

The prospective clients will be drawn from, predominantly, the following sectors of the Ugandan population:

• Low income earners
• Farmers
• Teachers
• Laborers
• Small scale entrepreneurs
• Building and construction contractors
• Building material manufacturers
• Livestock and agricultural product transporters
• Urban market stall-holders
• Educational & school fees
• Personal dwelling construction (home-owner finance)
• Small public transport operators

Loans will range from as low as (US)$5 to a maximum of (US)$20,000, with a repayment period from 1 month to 1 year. Interest charged at 8.8%p.a. is considerably lower than the rates being charged by any other financial institution in East Africa.

Typical Ugandan roadside market displaying a wide array of fresh farm produce.

By incorporating the offer of training and consultation on the development of sustainable businesses, or the improvement of an existing business, by using new technology, methods or supplemental activities we will be a ground-breaking combination of financier and educator.

We has access to some of the leading experts in agri-forestry, environmental conservation, hydro-geology, construction and agriculture in East Africa. By combining the knowledge and experience of these experts with the financial benefits offered by MHFF, the client can formulate a plan that will increase productivity, profitability and enhance the environment.

Overview of Services and Training Areas to be offered:

Currently, in Uganda and neighboring East African countries, the majority of rural people rely on a subsistence farming or “shamba” system which is both unprofitable and difficult to maintain, being both labor intensive and low in productivity. A different approach has been formulated which is designed to allow the local people to use the land or their forested areas in a less intrusive and environmentally friendly ways, this will protect the forest and the occupied land, since activities such as the planting of traditional food crops will be discouraged and the introduction of more productive, but less invasive, methods of farming will be introduced. This will be regulated by a contract which farmers and other interested parties wishing to access the facilities offered by Micro High Flyer Finance Ltd (MHFF) have to sign to get the opportunity to access loans, training programs and marketing assistance and thus increase the productivity of their land and fully utilize the production to gain maximum income.

Therefore in conjunction with offering low interest loans, we have designed an education and training program to take part in this sector of the agricultural economy by using current small-scale farms and the surrounding forests for producing new products, while increasing the tree-coverage of the area and accessing possible “carbon credits” from the developed nations.

The designed program can only be successful if the people in the targeted sector of the agricultural and ancillary communities are involved, get trained and educated, and participate in the scheme. We will introduce new technology into this part of Africa that will both improve the general living standard of the participants and benefit the environment by increasing tree coverage and optimizing ground utilization.

In each area where the training program is begun, and applied, it will soon be evident that the increase in profitability and production can be used and applied to similar other areas in Uganda. In addition, we will educate people on how to protect the environment from impacts by the use of natural products. But, because we understand that life has to continue, we will also supply information on how to use everything optimally. The training and education will contain the following chapters as an outline:

1. Use and Production of Firewood
2. Production Of Charcoal
3. Bee Keeping
4. Vanilla Growing
5. Mushroom Farming
6. Flower Intercropping
7. Fruit Trees In Forested Areas
8. Fish Farming
9. Chicken Farming
10. Zero Grazing Activities
11. Green Technology
12. Cottage Industry
13. School Projects
14. Small Public Transport Operators.



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