About Us


NikiRush Foundation is a non – partisan, non-profit making organization funded by partners and well-wishers. It is run by a board of management, which oversees an executive management team charged with the day-to-day activities of the Foundation. The Foundation, activities and accounts are audited annually by a reputable audit firm.

The Foundation is an organization dedicated to the improvements of quality of life for all, alleviation of poverty, provision of healthcare and promotion of justice, peace, cultural values, human rights and democracy.

The Foundation aims at developing strategic alliances and partnerships while fostering community engagements to not only identify needy areas of assistance but also pool adequate resources for the implementation of various programes.

Our Objectives

1. Strengthening of democratic values: To encourage good governance through consensus and majority participation in an open and transparent manner. This presupposes availability of a just and accountable system that does not condone corruption, discrimination, nepotism, and other social inequities. The organization further aims at working for the development of democratic societies, strengthening the capacities of civil society and promoting human rights and the rule of law.

2. Poverty Reduction: The Foundation role is to empower marginalized communities by availing resources and suitable environment for conducting profitable developmental activities that help alleviate poverty and assuage suffering.

3. Promote Global development initiative: The Foundation intends to assist communities and countries through provision of expertise and resource to help them achieve sustainable development. This is done through the involvement of communities in economic activities for the betterment of their lives.

4. Provision of healthcare: The Foundation aims at undertaking healthcare programs that help in the improvement of healthcare services as well as advocacy for prevention of poverty related diseases such as; HIV/AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis. It intends to launch an HIV-AIDS awareness campaign, aimed at fighting the spread and prevalence of those ailments while stemming outbreaks of epidemics. The Foundation will be partnering with other like minded organizations world wide.

5. Conflict resolution and reconciliation: The Foundation aims at ensuring conflict resolution and peace making by preventing and resolving armed and political conflicts around the globe.

6. Establishment of democracy programs: The Foundation aims at working for the development of democratic societies worldwide by observing elections, strengthening the capacity of civic organizations and promoting the rule of law.

7. To support a bursary scheme to assist in educational support and research

8. To strengthen the capacity of people of Kenya and throughout Africa to meet the challenges of global interdependence through development of programs and partnerships in the following areas; Health Security; Leadership Development; Community Development; and Regional Peace and Reconciliation

9. To undertake programs aimed at HIV / AIDS research and improving the health of the public especially in regerds to terminal diseases and access to other healthcare facilities

10. To promote Human Rights Initiatives intervening on behalf of victims of human rights abuses and integrating human rights approaches and principles into the activities of the organization

11. To support cultural Museums that preserve the African culture and values

12. To establish an Endowment fund to receive grants, donations, gifts and assistance in any form whatsoever for any one or more of the objects of the Organization. To establish a non profit making fund in any country or countries for the purpose of receiving donations from the private and corporate persons and for the channeling the same to the Organization’s development operations

13. To apply to any governments or authority, public bodies, corporations, companies or persons for and to accept grants or gifts of money and of any movable or immovable property to take the same subject to any special trust which may be prescribed by the donor thereof

14. To support programs aimed at leadership development and governance especially among the youth.

15. We give Loans will range from as low as (US)$5 to a maximum of (US)$20,000, with a repayment period from 1 month to 1 year.




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